Friday, April 13, 2012

in trouble

most of you might know i was in trouble and almost get a warning letter from my company right...
haha.. everything is settled now.. no warning letter but just caution letter! feel so relief now!

yea, let me share the story here again :)

well, i was doing short flight on that day, after flight as usual we went up to office for debriefing, and i submitted the sales money to cashier.. and also submitted my leave application form to my executive.
i met my frenz in office and talked for awhile... (mayb bcoz i talked too much until i didnt realize that my stupid careless mistake )
as soon as i finished chatting with my frenz, i pulled MY trolley bag and walked very fast to the car park to avoid seeing those fucked up faces that i hate.
as usual, put everything inside the car and went home......

while i almost home (at putra height) suddenly my hp was ringing, and it's from company! i was wondering why company called me at this hour???? immediately i answered the call.
the guy : this is eric eng right?
me : yes anything sir?
the guy: have u taken the wrong trolley bag home???
me : (i was shocked and heart started pumping damn freaking fast) nope, i took my own bag
the guy: are you sure? where are you now? please check which bag you have taken?
me: ok, give me a second, i hv to park my car beside the road first and check for that.
the guy: ok i m waiting now
me: shit!! i have taken the wrong bag
the guy: yes we knw you hv taken the wrong bag, can you bring it back asap? (the fucked up lady shouting at the phone: ask him to come back now!!)
me : ok i wil bring it back now as soon as i could!

i was so damn scared n worried becoz i know it;s gonna to be a bad day for me.. i drove 180km/h .. the car was like flying .. bcoz i really scared bcoz of me the crew cannot go for flight! all the mandatory documents were inside the bag!!!
as soon as i reached the office, i was told that the crew got pulled to operate the later flight. i knew it's gonna to be a big case! arghh...
the flight attendant executive (FAE, name not to be mentioned) wanted to see me. and i met her.
she said she wil issue me a warning letter bcoz due to my mistake i hv disrupted the flight operation control.. i was so sad... i nvr conduct any mistake before, and record was good, performance even good, no MC. but jz a small matter (i think la) want to issue me a warning letter?????? big SAD!

went home, no mood to do anything, everyone was busy talking abt the earthquake in indo, and penang n kl got little shake and etc, i dnt gv a damn bcoz i really got no mood to care .. warning letter?! my rm1k plus wil be gone!!

received the email from that FAE and asked for my explanation before issuing the warning letter... the day after i went to see another FAE (nice one) , she talked to me nicely and she told me my case wasnt that bad and shouldnt get warning letter, she wil help me to discuss with others and she asked me to make an effort to see my manager ! yea.. definitely i will see her..

today i went to see her ( my manager), she knw what happened with me, she knw everything.. haha.. at first she told me wrongly acquired bag surely will get warning letter ( many of my frenz got warning letter bcoz of this but some they were safe also) , she asked why i was so careless, i shouldnt make this stupid mistake..... then i just apologized to her, and asked for second chance.. ( i know she wil help me... she treats me very nice all these while) after few minutes talking to her.
finally she said : eric this time i help you, i gv u caution letter instead of warning letter, but make sure u wont repeat it again if not i wont help u nxt time! and please continue to be a good crew ..i want you to maintain your attitude toward the job!
after i heard this, suddenly i feel relief! i was so happy.. my money wont get deducted! she saw my happy face also laughed at me! hahaha...

yea, no doubt she is really a good manager who really stands at crew's side. others i got NO comment.... but sad thing is she is going to resign from her position... wondering who is going to replace this nice lady...

thank you so much ! u made my day!

Monday, April 9, 2012

not easy to plan for an itinerary to guilin

since this afternoon till now (3am), i m stil planning my itinerary for my trip to guilin next week.
it's not easy task! i hate planning actually but i hv no choice bcoz i m going with my mum sis and aunties.. they know nothing! arghhh...

after searching for so many info... i realized guilin is such beautiful place for sigh-seeing...
i feel peace after looking at those pictures... u guys can google it for details if you are interested :)

the trip is hard to plan because of the transportation in guilin.. it's not as advanced as in HKG,CAN,and SZX... hv to take bus or cab from one point to the others. and the attraction points are quite far from each other.. all about 2 hours driving distance from guilin town to those sigh-seeing places.. imagine you wan to visit place A and C, and guilin situated at place B( in btw of A n B), from point B to A is abt two hours, what if from point A to C? it's about 4 hours plus!

i guess the most easy way to do when i arrive in guilin is directly look for tour package provided by the local travel agency.. take their package and follow their trip?!

those tickets not cheap though..
read from so many forum but i still blur and hv no idea how to plan for this!

well, i believe i can do it.. will continue it by tomorrow...

goodnight my cb readers...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

what a day

it's my 3 days off after 5 days working ....
i reached home at 3am after working, and i woke up at 5am ( not even two hours sleeping)
was super tired! but bcoz hv to help my sister to do some photoshooting for her clothes and shoes
my sis is doing some online business selling clothes and some accessories
guys, if interested to get some branded stuffs (as well as brand-less stuffs) with cheaper price, pls pls visit this and click like and check for any item suitable for you? can always refer to me if you are interested or just PM my sister :)

well, i took the earliest flight back to penang bcoz fatty shirley have another photoshooting session in afternoon so we hv to make it early a bit.. but the flight was slightly delayed during to some reason.

AK5350 bound for penang island

the photographers today were tatt and junzhe , both my good friends. thanks for willing to spend your weekend to help my sister do this photoshooting session, and not forgetting the PRETTY attention seeking model shirley ong (ah gua of the day) haha... thanks la guys

the weather was damn freaking hot and the sun was so bright but these conditions required in order to shoot for nice photo.
well, this was not my first time photoshooting with this 'PRETTY' ( evil smile*) model.. again many stupid and funny things happened when the shooting was in progress.

both of us before starting

nothing much to tel abt the shooting, just hot and uncomfortable (not talented acting infront of two big cameras)

here are some photos taken by my phone ( camwhore for awhile haha )

under the shinny sun

with hollister shirt :)

another one haha

these are from junzhe's camera, i look like an idiot i know, i m camera shy please.... lolx

the 'couple' shirt =.=lll

converse shoes with us lolx

she was trying to FENG her hair

went to gurney had our brunch after we have done our job

my cheong fan

And we met up wenkang at his brother shop for a while before heading back home...

the light paradise

Got home at around 4pm, imagine how long i didnt sleep?????? almost die...
what to do for the next two days? no idea, just sleep eat at home bah! the things i always do when i have my day off! haha....

i really wish i could have few more days off to stay at hometown, i feel tired, tired for everything.. when i only can get what i want? i chase for things i want non-stop in my life, i live for my own, i go for something i want, but still somehow they dnt really satisfy me easily?! sometimes i feel lost, do i really know what kind of life that i am actually searching for? who can really understand my feeling? haiz...


Saturday, March 31, 2012


this week my off days fall on saturday sunday n monday, but i didnt back to penang for this time bcoz i have something to do
well, so boring at night and hv nothing to do... called my batchmate jessica to have dinner with me and returned the thing that i owed her = snowflakessss.... owed her for ages but always no time to RETURN it to her. lol
what i had just now was thai fried rice, fried curry lala, taufu rojak and ofcoz snowflakes...

as usual, my favourite soya bean series

i m so freaking full now, should have to sleep now because i have to wake up early tml! but the my stomach doesnt allow me to sleep! feel like the food all are stucking in my throat! arghhh....

recently just feel like blogging , dnt knw when the mood wil stop again? hahaha.. hopefully not la..

many thoughts in my mind, life is so complicated...
i always hope i can get whatever i want.. but the hope will nvr come true easily, and i hv to struggle very hard to get it...
anyway, i m not a person who gives up easily. once i set the target i will try my best to achieve it no matter how hard it is... i always tell myself, there is nothing can become an obstacle in my life, no matter how hard the situation is, there is always a way to make it works.. this is what i believe...

wil update my blog in few days time after this...

P/S:不管失败了多少次,不要怕也不要放弃,失败乃是成功之母。 这个是我坚持到现在的原因! 加油殷家锃! =)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

first attempt to emirates!

as mentioned from my previous post, i went for the 2nd interview, emirates airlines
i would say this was the most professional interview that i ever had in my life although they failed me at last, but i still feel happy i managed to pass through so many rounds.

woke up early in the morning and drove all the way from subang to kl with the help of gps (but still lost in kl) , it was just abt to 7am but the road in kl already started getting jam, but luckily i still able to reach the hotel before 8am.

well, all the candidates were well-groomed and waited patiently at the lobby area..
about 70 plus of us managed to pass for 2nd interview, and only 6 guys including myself.
i met up my friends there and talked for awhile before the interview starts.
the outfits of the day

looks like boh gam buan

the interviewers not really good in punctuality , stated 8am but started at 9am plus.
first round : we have a short briefing about the company, and Q n A session. after that we were called to do the arm reach test one by one, after u pass the arm reach test u have to sit down in front of the interviewer for a very short one to one interview. A lot of questions were being thrown to me to answer, about 5 to 10mins talk. then hv to go back to ur seat n wait for the rest of the candidates.. this process took abt three hours before we get to know our results.
From 72 become 40 plus left and only 4 guys left. i was the lucky one to pass the first stage.

while waiting others

well, we all proceeded to second stage, it was an english examination. For those who are not really good in english or poor in understanding english, u might be kicked out from this stage.
the exam included writing an essay... i guess probably they just wanted to check with ur grammar and ur understanding in english. well, again alot of ppl got kicked off from this stage too (i dnt knw why bcoz some of them really good in speaking, but why they got kicked off? but not me =.=)
yes, again i received the CONGRATULATION letter from the interviewer. was quite happy coz not much ppl could manage to pass until this round. so now left 29 of us and only 3 guys left.
went for our lunch, a quick one. the rushed back to the hotel again... it was almost 4pm

again we were called and proceeded to the next round which was group discussion (the last stage of today and if u pass this round meaning u hv to come back on tml for the final one to one interview)
my group got 10 candidates, and we 3 guys were grouped together. the first question was "tel me the one who sits on ur left about what is his/her biggest mistake in his/her life" we were given 5 mins to discuss with the person seated next to each other and then we hv to present it to the interviewer one by one. well, this was not really tough for me ... after we all hv done it, here came with the tough one.
"i will give u guys about 10 mins to discuss 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages to stay in dubai"
while they were discussing abt the answer, i not really talked much and just agreed with whatever the point that they pointed out. the two interviewers kept walking around us and observing us with the papers and pen on their hands recording down something. i knew they were giving marks and picking out the weakness of each candidates. and "time up"
she called 6 of us to present each point that we've discussed. i was the one to get called to present the last point. (was thinking why choose me???? still got few more havent presented yet) out of sudden, i was so freaking nervous and it was supposed the 3rd disadvantages i should have pointed out but i said ' the 2nd disadvantages'. it somehow showed that my listening skill wasn't that good. ofcoz i corrected it after my frenz told me. then i continued presenting with the fucking shit english... yes i ruined myself in this stage!!!! i should talk confidently .. but ...
so again we were called to wait at outside for about an hour for the results. actually i already expected what my result would be and finally they passed us the letter again whether u r successful to proceed for the final or not.. " UNFORTUNATELY......" this was the letter i got ..
and half of us failed in this stage, only 15 candidates able to proceed to the final interview which will be held on tml at the same venue.. only one guy (malay) managed to proceed to final (dnt really understand, he didnt talk much too and he didnt present about the discussion too).
it was so near to me... but i ruined it.
two of my frens got it and i really wish them can get the job!

this was my first attempt for emirates interview and it was really a good experience for me. i might gv another attempt nxt time (after 6months, bcoz that is their rules for those who failed at this stage)

will never give up on what i want! think positively :)))

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


原因是我不想背着任何责任再去为一个人付出,关心,考虑多多 (太多的顾虑,我不要想)
这样说下去,难道我真的要孤独终老?? 哈哈
我想我还是适合自己一个人过日子,不要去惹祸吧! 人就是矛盾

那种感觉会是怎样呢? 有点可怕 =.=
这里的每一样我都没有实现到!!! 原因很简单,我进错航空!

这个月29号,emirates 的第二关面试 (本人已经顺利通过第一关卡)

听似好像可以去很多个地方玩? 想得美! 今天去今天回,这是空服员吗? 好心,像外劳多点吧!外表风光 @@

在我停笔之前留下一张自恋照吧 哈哈


再会 :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fei zhai...i will miss you forever

my beloved dog, fei zhai just passed away this morning...
i miss him so so much now...
cant keep my tears from dropping...
i knw he was not in good condition since CNY ... ya, he was very old, almost 13 years with me.
i knew he could not stay any longer with me but i jz too sad .......
he seemed like waiting me to come back from kl to see his last breathe
yesterday morning when i was home, i stil played with him although he was not really well..
just right after i woke up from sleeping, he became weaker and weaker, jz couldnt stand up anymore, kept banging there and here. my heart was so pain ..and i know he could not stay any longer..
jz laid himself on the floor, with eyes opened, but he couldnt move, i kept comforting him, asking him to leave ,stop suffering himself... my tears kept dropping..
i jz too sad for that.. he is part of my family members..
he breath slowly,difficulty... and finally this morning he left us.
while i holding him ,although he stopped breathing but stil can feel the warmth from him..
i packed him into the box, put him inside the box nicely, did some prayer for him ..
and buried him infront of my house with the help from my parents..
i really miss him
i really hope that he is now enjoying in another world.. I love you, and you will always be remembered. i know how loyalty you are,how good you are...

you are the best, i will miss you forever..
must rest in peace, love you