Friday, April 13, 2012

in trouble

most of you might know i was in trouble and almost get a warning letter from my company right...
haha.. everything is settled now.. no warning letter but just caution letter! feel so relief now!

yea, let me share the story here again :)

well, i was doing short flight on that day, after flight as usual we went up to office for debriefing, and i submitted the sales money to cashier.. and also submitted my leave application form to my executive.
i met my frenz in office and talked for awhile... (mayb bcoz i talked too much until i didnt realize that my stupid careless mistake )
as soon as i finished chatting with my frenz, i pulled MY trolley bag and walked very fast to the car park to avoid seeing those fucked up faces that i hate.
as usual, put everything inside the car and went home......

while i almost home (at putra height) suddenly my hp was ringing, and it's from company! i was wondering why company called me at this hour???? immediately i answered the call.
the guy : this is eric eng right?
me : yes anything sir?
the guy: have u taken the wrong trolley bag home???
me : (i was shocked and heart started pumping damn freaking fast) nope, i took my own bag
the guy: are you sure? where are you now? please check which bag you have taken?
me: ok, give me a second, i hv to park my car beside the road first and check for that.
the guy: ok i m waiting now
me: shit!! i have taken the wrong bag
the guy: yes we knw you hv taken the wrong bag, can you bring it back asap? (the fucked up lady shouting at the phone: ask him to come back now!!)
me : ok i wil bring it back now as soon as i could!

i was so damn scared n worried becoz i know it;s gonna to be a bad day for me.. i drove 180km/h .. the car was like flying .. bcoz i really scared bcoz of me the crew cannot go for flight! all the mandatory documents were inside the bag!!!
as soon as i reached the office, i was told that the crew got pulled to operate the later flight. i knew it's gonna to be a big case! arghh...
the flight attendant executive (FAE, name not to be mentioned) wanted to see me. and i met her.
she said she wil issue me a warning letter bcoz due to my mistake i hv disrupted the flight operation control.. i was so sad... i nvr conduct any mistake before, and record was good, performance even good, no MC. but jz a small matter (i think la) want to issue me a warning letter?????? big SAD!

went home, no mood to do anything, everyone was busy talking abt the earthquake in indo, and penang n kl got little shake and etc, i dnt gv a damn bcoz i really got no mood to care .. warning letter?! my rm1k plus wil be gone!!

received the email from that FAE and asked for my explanation before issuing the warning letter... the day after i went to see another FAE (nice one) , she talked to me nicely and she told me my case wasnt that bad and shouldnt get warning letter, she wil help me to discuss with others and she asked me to make an effort to see my manager ! yea.. definitely i will see her..

today i went to see her ( my manager), she knw what happened with me, she knw everything.. haha.. at first she told me wrongly acquired bag surely will get warning letter ( many of my frenz got warning letter bcoz of this but some they were safe also) , she asked why i was so careless, i shouldnt make this stupid mistake..... then i just apologized to her, and asked for second chance.. ( i know she wil help me... she treats me very nice all these while) after few minutes talking to her.
finally she said : eric this time i help you, i gv u caution letter instead of warning letter, but make sure u wont repeat it again if not i wont help u nxt time! and please continue to be a good crew ..i want you to maintain your attitude toward the job!
after i heard this, suddenly i feel relief! i was so happy.. my money wont get deducted! she saw my happy face also laughed at me! hahaha...

yea, no doubt she is really a good manager who really stands at crew's side. others i got NO comment.... but sad thing is she is going to resign from her position... wondering who is going to replace this nice lady...

thank you so much ! u made my day!


Johnathan said...

she's really nice and you're lucky too...I believe she knew how hard were you working for the company's really good to have nice person around you .....envy>.<

Eric Eng said...

yea super lucky .. dnt envy bcoz u hv alot of nice person around you as well ! ^^